At IoT Stars, we believe that Internet of Things solutions should be designed to always bring a sense of play, awe, wonder and surprise. Our best reward is when customers say ‘Really ? I can do this today ? Wow I had no idea. That is so awesome !’

The Internet of Things is about enabling change in a faster and more positive way, so if, like us, you believe that change is needed either in your organization or in your daily life, but you re impatient and do not want to build complex solutions from scratch, call us !

IoT Stars’ edge has been recognized through the selection and participation to several international competitions and the support of Innovate UK.

Back in 2013, Marc Andreessen said

Hardware companies are much harder to build and scale than software companies. Hardware is hard. It’s called hardware for a reason.


Enabling someone to make sure that the air quality in a park 2 miles away is good enough to go for a run or detecting that a part in an elevator is starting to vibrate more than it should and probably ought be replaced are now possible thanks to Internet of Things technology. Despite the incredible pace of evolution of wireless communications, semiconductors and electronics (we will publish several blog posts about this topic), Marc Andreessen’s remark about ‘Things’ still holds true today.

This still holds true today as Wienke Giezeman, CEO of Things Industries, explained at the Things Conference 2019 (Reading UK):

Reading a book by David Rose (Enchanted Objects: Innovation, Design, and the Future of Technology) gave us a glimpse of how combining electronics, software and Internet technologies could transform our daily lives.

At the end of his book,

David Rose asked very interesting questions:

What new opportunities exist for network enabled hardware products ?

How does the world of physical meet the world of digital, each leveraging its own strengths ?
How do we craft emotionally engaging, useful and benevolent services that we want to fold into our lives, day after day ?

These questions serve as guides and inspiration for our work. Growing up and having increasing responsibility does not mean that we should abandon the feelings of amazement, magic and fun that we had through our childhood.


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